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M24 – Final exhibition of the master students of the HfBK Dresden
from 26.01 untill 14.04.2024

with works by:

Martina Beyer | Lena Dobner | Mona-Sophia Freudenreich | Annika Greschke | Nari Jo | Taemen Jung | Youngmin Lee | Nicolai Leicher | Michael Merkel | Ruben Müller | Layla Nabi | Eleonora Nanu | Ana Pireva | Christopher Putbrese | Philipp Putzer | Mischa Sanders | Thomas Schmelzer | Julia Schmelzer | Willy Schulz | Ruth Unger | Felina Wießmann | Robin Woern | Shengjie Zong | Hamidreza Yaraghchi
Since 2022, the final works of this postgraduate programme have been presented at the end of the winter semester in the Oktogon, Kunsthalle der Hochschule für Bildende Künste.
This year, in addition to sculptural works and video installations, various painterly positions can be seen. At times, the colour can unfold freely, detached from the picture’s frame; at others, almost photorealistic compositions depict the everyday. Scenes of violence and death lead to the question of what can be depicted.
In analytical-abstract installations, facets of perception and its limitations are explored, while others revolve around remembering and forgetting. Objects are enlarged, alienated, schematised, given legs and are combined with existential questions. The artists are close to the action and at the same time create moments of peace.

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden